Pool Table Room Chart

Making Room for a Pool Table

Just because a pool table will fit in a room, doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be ample room to play. Our pool table room chart below should help you to plan your game room space a little easier. The dimensions below represent an ideal space, but remember if one or more walls in the room are open it can make all the difference. And, if you are short on space, don’t let it deter you. We can almost always find a solution to make your pool table playable.


48″ CUE
11’3″ X 14’6″ 11’9” X 15’4″ 12’3” X 16’4″
52″ CUE
11’9″ X 15′ 2″ 12’4″ X 16′ 12’10” X 17′
58″ CUE
12’9″ X 16’1″ 13’3″ X 16’10” 13’9″ X 17’11”


There are 4 basic sizes of pool tables: Standard 7’ (39X78), Standard 8’ (44X88), PRO 8’ (46X92) and Standard 9’(50X100). Pool table sizes are determined by the playing field area dimension NOT THE OUTSIDE DIMENSION. The playfield is the area that the ball rolls on. The easiest way to measure the table is to stand at one end of the table and measure the width of the pool table from the point of the cushion on one side to the other.

Game Room Design Service

Not certain how to put together your game room? Let our trained sales associates assist you. With over sixty years experience we can help you select a pool table, game room furniture and accessories to complement the look of your home or even define the look of your home!