We strive to make sure that our customers rate us the best pool table store in the world!

When advertising proclaims a product or organization is the best, it means little. When our customers say we’re the best, it means the world.

I am so thrilled to be able to get so much of what I wanted. Kent has been an incredible help and great for us to work with.

We had a great experience shopping for, buying, and owning a  pool table from American Games.

We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Your entire staff was wonderful.

We were met with courtesy and professionalism from the moment we contacted you.

We use our room four or more times a week. All our close friends drop in frequently and our four adult children love coming over for a game with the parents.

I could not be happier with the wonderful restoration job done on our table. Your service and attention to detail is wonderful. Thank you.

Kent and your entire team helped me out in a difficult situation….your understanding and patience were incredible. Thank you so much.

I’ve been so busy enjoying my new cushions I have not had time to say thanks for all the difficult work you and your team did to get them properly installed. Your professional approach and ability to solve old table problems was great. Love your finished product. Thanks Vernon

I rarely submit reviews on this or any other site. That said, I was compelled to write one after my experience with American Games Billiard Service. I posed a rather daunting request, move my most prized possession, a 108 year old Brunswick pool table from the access challenging loft of a log home in Leavenworth,WA. to Bozeman, MT. From Bellevue that is over 700 miles. Kent was the man for the job and, everything he said was going to happen did, on time and, perfectly executed. I was amazed by the precision that he displayed in reassembling my beauty particularly, in his meticulous approach to leveling the well aged original Vermont slate pieces. I have no doubt that I have the most level pool table possible.

In short if you want a pool table moved or serviced, don’t even consider anyone else. Further, buy a great antique pool table and, you will never regret it! I understand Kent has a warehouse of seasoned options. I am person who has high expectations that are seldom met by the service industries. That said, this is one of the rare times they were exceeded in a way I never dreamed possible.